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Anir Leben


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 Musical director and CI teacher Contact Festival Berlin 2012 and New Years Festival 2015


I'm a freelance dancer and musician with my main passion evolving around improvisation. I teach Contact Improvisation since 2010 and it remains my heArt focus in dance, ever more evolving and expanding into new areas of my life. I love to share and teach workshops and classes around the globe and in festivals, where I often also musically improvise in jams and provide singing circles for to tune in and warm up from the inside into the day.

I graduated in Dance, Improvisation and Performance at bewegungsArt/TIP in Freiburg 2013 and since then I even "legally" ;) follow this passionate path of freelancing danSing, performing and teaching my way into this graceful heArt-work Contact Improvisation with its many faces and phases deeper and wider.