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Barcelona Festival for

Contact Improvisation & Somatic Practices


We are still on pause with the Barcelona Festival. If you want to be informed about future events, please send us an Email to:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

The contents of the website are still from 2016 !

With Daniel Werner, Leilani Weis & Mimi Buendia, Adi Elzam, Alyssa Lynes, Linda Bufali, Laura Hicks, Marina Fernandez de Haro, Tim O`Donnell and more...

The Barcelona Festival for Contact Improvisation & Somatic Practices 2016 explores Contact Improvisation and Body Mind disciplines from a deep individual journey into connection with others. 

The international teachers team offers skill building intensives, classes & labs. Discovering where movement arises, bringing it into different aspects of dance & improvisation. Nightly dance jams inspired by eclectic live musicians. 

A city festival in a dance center right on the beach.



The accommodation in the dance studio is not possible, but we found a few very good options for you to stay for an economical price in Barcelona. Look up the page Accommodation.


A Yoga studio wich rents out places for € 12 a night not far away from our dance venue! There are yoga mats available, if you wan to sleep more comfortable you should bring your own matress. Please connect us if you want a place there. You find it under EspaiCosmos in facebook. 2 stops away from Metro Barceloneta. Very close. Adress Pere Iv 78

Good offers has Amistat Beach Hostel, very close by the dance venue!


Economical Hostal on the beach, 5 min walk to dance venue, Equity Point



Buscamos habitaciones para el Festival. Si tienes una habitación libre y quieres alquilarla, estamos buscando alojamiento para bailarines en Barcelona. Precio por habitación: 15 euros por persona y día.