In Touch

Between Gap and Touch


with Linda Bufali


roma 4



Empty spaces, to be followed, to be filled, to be live in.
We will observe volumes, the spaces that get constantly created between us and the other.
The contact will arrive without forcing it, unexpected and loose of an “esthetical form”.
What is possible to be controlled and what is not?
When can I choose? When, in the other hand, is not possible and I have to trust to follow, to flow, to fall?
We will use very simple images to experience the concept of fullness / emptiness and what is in the middle. We will push to the exteme many 'roles' that we can choose during the dance and that we can change all the time, looking for an internal stimulus that travels  from us to partner and to the space. 
Technically it is a proposal on the tone, on the load of movement and connection, to enrich and enjoy every moment what's in the duo. 
When working in solo, we will use the image of the ball to dance the internal and external space of our body, to dance with the floor, to play with moments of disequilibrium to exit from our usual 'frontal pattern', discovering the endless directions.
Weight, momentum, listening, spirals.
And we'll dance.