In Touch

Softness as a base for safety


with Ady Elzam


Ady Elzam 8


Soften under your feet, let go inside the joints, let the weight fall to the ground and from that release, movement comes back up, this is the movement of life, unlimited energy that originates from the earth.
Through listening and not doing any action, we'll find a flowing natural motion that leads us to new places.

If we allow we'll be surprised,
If we release we'll find a great force,
If we follow the movement we'll find ourselves in the simple and endless stream of life.

From that soft place we'll find flow, speed, and danger.
If we are soft the danger becomes a moment, being present.
We'll move fast and soft, taking risks and trusting the body and our partner, we'll do exactly what we can in the moment, not more, not less.
That is how safety is created.