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Hailing from Copenhagen, Denmark, Alice Rose plays and sings beautiful, mesmerizing and thoroughly modern pop music that captures the essense of the old world and the new. Whoever saw her perform live on stage, will remember her very unique musical style and performance. Her one-woman performances, her stunning vocals, her jugglers skill using samplers, computer, beat boxes, strings, casios, keyboards, harmonicas and toys--all come together in a delicious concoction of electro-folk--equal parts trip- hop, pop, electronica and dance. She is a true adventurer in the music world today and is constantly exploring new grounds. Alice plays the viola with her own bowing style and sings her intriguing lyrics with a voice that spans a wide register, from the sweet angelic, to the hard and wild... Right now her new thing is live looping and live remixing. She will take one of her unique tunes and perform it live with human beatbox, use the voice as an instrument to layer the chords, build baselines with the viola and make a hip-hop beat with her little drum machine, and that way slowly build up her songs. Occasionally she invites guests on stage to join her, and

2013 saw the light of her latest studio album, 'each is a DREAM‘, co- produced by PJ Harvey collaborator John Parish and Techno wizard, Gabriel Ananda. The album is an ecclectic pop album, with string quartet, and lot’s of guest musicians and was mainly performed acoustically with piano, vocals and viola.

2015 Alice started to perform on the street with her loop station, she wanted the freedom to meet her audience whenever she wanted to, and share her music with people outside a digital universe. It became quite the adventure! Due to restrictions with the city of Amsterdam, where you are not allowed to use amplification, she developed an art performance called, Silent Concerts, where she performs her concerts „silently, using 4 sets of headphones and people can put on the headphones and dive into her sound universe. From being „just another street performer“, she created an avant-garde performance equally art installation, concert and protest act.

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Alice is currently based between Amsterdam and Berlin, where she also performs as a Techno DJ and Live act, under the moniker, Tiger Rose.