In Touch

Linda Bufali



While I was trying to study acting, in 1998, l bumped into…and against this “weird dance”.
After few years I realized I was still there, sweating, falling, laughing and feeling. So I decided to go deeper into it, entering the phantasmagorical world of workshops and festivals, bumping into and against strange teachers who helped me sweating, falling , laughing and feeling even better.
I’d give anything to forget all that so to start again, off for the journey again! But it's not possible.
So..since 2008, I began teaching: in Italy (intensive workshops in many communities,  Italy Contact Festival '15), abroad (intensive workshop in Madrid, Lleida, Alcoi, Colon, Basque Country and Israeli Contact Festival '14, Dancefulness Ukraine '16, Amsterdam)
And I organize workshop and events to help Contact Improvisation spread as much as possible (I am an organizer of the Italy CI Camp).
I see contact improvisation as the best way I have in this lifetime to meet someone outside the social contract and to keep my drive for movement alive.
Life is movement, moving in pairs accelerates awareness.
I deeply believe that contact improvisation is potentially, a big, healthy revolution.