In Touch


with Nezha Rhondali


nezha dance pic


Authenticity in the encounter

I love Contact Improvisation because it creates a unique space where I allow myself to be completely authentic. I welcome my current state of body and mind, my body expresses who I am at this moment. In my teaching in Morocco, one of my bigger focus is to invite the movers to take the freedom to express themselves out of the esthetic and social diktat: "do not expect anything, just let your body be moved". And from this authentic own state, the encounter with the others can happen in a listening way, sensing and opening all sense for empathy; "do not expect anything, just let the encounter happen".

In this class, we will go through releasing body in solo thanks to repetitive-trans movements. Opening the attention to the moving spine.

Then through a series of Authentic movement duets, I will invite you to move from witnessing to dancing.  And we will work on some basic CI tools to let  simple lifts and changing level dancing happen together.

And lets see what will happen. ;)

This class is for all levels.