In Touch

Lean on me

with Marielle Gerke


Marielle DAnce1


To me one of the most satisfying things in a CI duet is when I feel that my partner is really there – giving weight to me, receiving weight from me or sharing an equal amount of weight with me. I think it is not only satisfying but also very useful and necessary to involve a sufficient amount of shared weight in a duet in order to be able to non-verbally communicate with my partner. Sensing the support of the floor through the body of my partner gives me a base for negotiating directions, level changes and lifts in a dance.

So, in this class we will practice the basic idea of sharing weight with a partner through the different levels in space. Starting with a soft leaning back to back in standing where we share an equal amount of weight, finding safety in the newly created balance point but also finding moments of challenging each other and each other`s trust. Later we will include also other body parts and inviting more or less weight into the exploration - seeing where that leads us to.

A class with CI basics for satisfying dances - to get to know and to remember ;-)

All levels are welcome.