In Touch

Dancing the Invisible

with Jamus and Lee





Allowing contact technique to be supported by something deeper.

‘Meeting the conversation in and as our bodies,

Unravelling occurs, spontaneity ensues, we are available to this moment and the next.’

Our interest is in exploring the fabric of our dance. How can we rest in our own natural movement and the conversation we create with another to allow a spontaneous improvisation to unfold.

In exploring physical connections, working with body images and experiential anatomy we inhabit a feeling presence of ourselves. Working with developmental movement patterns allows our bodies to find their natural organic intelligence and from here spontaneous dances emerge. Different movement potential and unlimited flavours become available; tender, gentle, spacious, fiery, alive, animal.

When we commit to our own improvisation moment to moment a bigger group conversation unfolds; this group field, supports, nourishes and guides the unfolding space.

Together we will develop skills in contact improvisation:

  • Awakening our senses and reflexes to be able to respond to space and each moment.
  • Developing a felt sense and our ability to listen and respond too ourselves, our partner and the dance around us.
  • Softening into and moving with the floor.
  • Dancing into and out of contact.
  • Exploration of touch.
  • Giving and receiving weight.
  • Developing and sensing fluid alignment.
  • Listening too and actioning our impulses.

This is a Contact Improvisation exploration all experience levels welcome, the more diverse we are the richer the fabric we create together.

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