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Moroccan Dance Exchange

 Morrocan Dance Exchange


This year we invite dancers from Morocco in collaboration with Nezha Rhondali (Casablanca) and Florian Busch

IRTIJAL means "improvisation" in Arabic. The association counts among its activities the transmission of contact improvisation and improvisation dance through regular classes and monthly workshops in Casablanca, Rabat and Marrakech given by Nezha Rhondali and by international teachers.

From 2016, a group of 10 people follows an intensive monthly training of CI / dance improvisation in order to create a performance impro collective. The training is lead by Nezha and each participant co-teaches with her, sharing his own discipline (acrobatic dance, shamanic dance, break dance, theatre...).

IRTIJAL is happy to organize also CI Jam, bare foot parties and street site specific performances, open to everyone in Casablanca and soon in Rabat. (

In May 2016, a Moroccan-German Contact improvisation collaboration starts. Nadja Schwarzenbach spend 2 weeks in Morocco, she has been teaching CI in Casablanca, Rabat and Marrakech, and she co-lead a Jam Kabira with Nezha in Casablanca :

In May 2017, 6 members of IRTIJAL are invited to participate at the In touch Contact Festival in Berlin. It's an important event for IRTIJAL because it's the first time that  Moroccan CI dancers have the opportunity to participate in a CI festival.

For reminder, the boarders with Europe are more and more hermetic and the mobility of Moroccan people is reduced to his minimum. The CI collaboration between Morocco and Germany is going further than a simple artistic exchange, it's also a politic, social statement that we do not recognize this boarders, and that we do not agree with the negative mediatised image of the "African", "Arabic", "Muslim" Community. Long debate open!

The next step of the collaboration would be to organize workshops in Morocco with German teachers of Contact Improvisation, Axis Syllabus and Somatic technics. And the final dream would be to organize an International Contact improvisation Festival in Morocco!