In Touch

Anir Leben




I am a Berlin based teacher and perfomer in improvisation, Contact Improvisation (CI) and music. I received my graduation in dance, improvisation and performance at TIP, bewegungsart Freiburg 2013 and enrichened my knowledge in music and dance as a guest-student for Rhythmik at the UDK Berlin.

Stageworks as a dancer involve the „You and me - Project“ and „You have to“ which were both showcased in Freiburg in 2013 and 2014. My latest work involve music videos that I co-produced, danced and played music in, that will be released in 2017.

I have given workshops, classes and one-on-ones around the globe and in Dance Festivals for the past 5 years. Here in Berlin I host the scoreJAM twice a month, teach regular classes and workshops in different venues and settings and in the professional dance-education at danceworks berlin.

In my classes, I highlight the improvising mind and the intelligently exploring body that is naturally released and ready if we let it. I encourage curiosity, self-responsibility and the investigative approach of each individual.


scoreJAM - Berlin