In Touch

Diana Thielen



Diana's projects moving in and around dance pedagogy, artistic exchange and collaborations. The desire to understand embodied societal behaviour within dance/yoga settings has motivated Diana to share her multidimensional work on her blog: www.

As an 'movement activist', Diana is involved in organising gatherings exploring the intersection of dance and body politics, as for example the Radical Contact Spring /Sweden 2016.

Currently Diana is collaborating with the director/performer Alisa Tretau, with whom she already worked and performed with in the (queer-) feminist and sex-positive Installation "Sweet Peep Salon"/ Berlin 2016.

As an on-going research Diana is following and assisting Kristin Horrigan in her exploration of Gender in (Contact-) Improvisation, as well as initiating own researches within that field.

Axis Syllabus

The Axis Syllabus (AS) could be described as a trans-disciplinary Toolbox which provides discoveries and tactics for improving movement education and practices. As a tool for teaching, the AS requires the commitment to research, to question and to reflect movement disciplines and creates various ways to experience and practice it.

Diana Thielen - movement activist
yoga/ axis syllabus/ body politics