In Touch

Jamus & Lee








I love dance, to move, to be still, too breath. To drop my weight and touch the earth. This is all important to me.

I have been learning and exploring dance improvisation for more than 20 years. I now know that so much can be achieved if we give ourselves the space and time to listen. Our bodies are highly intelligent, we just need to learn too be danced and moved from the inside out. 

I have been teaching contact improvisation since 2003 and Somatic Yoga from 2010. I have a deep love of how the body moves and the genius of how our bodies are put together. I have done all of this as a consequences of living with a disabling eye condition.




I work with movement and dance as an enquiry into the present moment.  Fascinated by dance as a metaphor for life I have used Contact Improvisation, somatic movement, non-stylised movement and self enquiry as a vehicle to explore on the dance floor life, with freshness moment to moment.

I have been exploring movement for more than 10 years.  When I first discovered dance it led me to places I had buried, contorted places I pushed away not wanting to feel or face.  It is an ongoing journey discovering just how far away from myself I have lived.  Every dance, every movement session is an invitation to myself to find and meet a little more of myself.  To bring more of me to taste more of the world.  To breath more fully and to move from the inside and meet the world with interest and curiosity.  This is my invitation to you.