In Touch

Laura Sofia


Laura Sofia


Artist, Dancer, Psycologist.


I was passionate about the arts of movement since I was a little kid, having done dancing trainings in ballet, artistic gimnastics, jazz, acting, Contact Impro.
I was also enrolled in high performance volleyball training and competition for 11 years, which toke me out of the arts but I came back 5 years ago. I reconnected with the Arts field by taking Clown cIasses. After, I continued with 2 years of Conservatory studying Acting in Meisner technique. That's where I got introduced to Contact Improvisation as part of the Movement Training.

Since then, I have been practicing CI because I love the playfulness of communicate in a truthfull way with eachother from being to being.

I find CI a very precious tool to get a stronger and more intimate  communication with my body and others. A very fun movement exploration experience. It is a rich way to deep in and research, explore, discover through the listening of the body with CI.

I will hold the space for beginners before the evening Jams. Thursday and friday I will offer two mini classes.