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Laura Sofia


Laura Sofia


Artist, Dancer, Psycologist.

Laura Sofia is a passionate dance-theatre artist, a holistic
psychologist, and an enthusiastic guide based in Barcelona, Spain. She
studied Psychology at the University of Barcelona and until now she
keeps researching and doing counseling within the Emotional Health and
Psychosomatic field. Her artistic training in dance/movement and
theatre is a multidisciplinary combination of ballet, artistic
gymnastics, jazz, clown, Meisner Technique, Contact Improvisation,
Gaga, Temple dance. Her 2 years studying Meisner Technique in
Barcelona gave the opportunity to deeply develop CI as great research
movement tool.

“I feel CI it’s a very playful, truthful and precious way to explore
and research within the body and within the non-verbal communication
of others. CI is a very fun movement exploration experience. The
listening of the moment to moment and the curiosity are for me a very
important piece to get the best out of it. I find CI is also dancing
the uncertainty, playing with it.
Every movement session is an opportunity for me to feel my body as an
instrument that gets tuned from inside out.”

Her trip to India gave the chance to participate in the Temple dance
holistic training with Zola Dubnikova, which gave the opportunity to
share with great dancers and beautiful women around the world,
creating a final beautiful performance/ritual. She created the solo
“Me Voy” for the Contemporary Dance Festival organized by Danielle
Alnuma in India. She also created recently the workshop “El Camino del
Artista en Movimiento” where actually teaches it in Barcelona.

“I will hold the space for beginners before the evening Jams. Thursday
and Friday I will offer two mini classes.”