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Artists & Workshops

Inside every person lives a creative spirit! We can connect with this artistic birthright through playing, exploring & experimenting in a safe container with experienced teachers.

The interdisciplinary workshops offered will inspire and unleash your creativity. The dynamic synergies developed over five days, work in supporting the beginner and trained artist alike.   

Our focus will be the connection between choreography and improvisation, in contemporary dance and improvised movement disciplines.

Choreography/sequence based dance forms like contemporary, tribal fusion, latino. etc. are enriched by deep listening and embodied awareness, which are core to improvised dance forms.

Through training and developing somatic listening skills and sense of presence, you get in touch with your innate intuition, enabling you to act authentically and make better choices. When we push past our boundaries, we disconnect from our center, leading to possible injury and pain.  

With improved environmental, kinetic and sensual awareness you're able to connect to yourself and others, to listen and respond to the energy of moment, informing both your personal practice and performance work.