Joy is perhaps best described as a traveling troubadour, exploring the world and sharing the gift of song and rhythm to the places and people she meets. Joy is one of the founding members of the Afro Fusion band FARAFI and a current member of the gypsy rock band SHISHKO DISCO.  Her first teacher was Djensu Diallo who introduced her to the world of African music and the open hearted spirit that accompanies it. Taking these African roots, Joy continued on to study the traditional music’s from Brazil, Iran, India, Turkey and the greater Middle East.  Reflecting all influences in her work, Joy plays with an eclectic style of cultural fusion showing an unusual ability for improvisation. She is a sought-after teacher travelling between India, Russia, Germany and the USA.


Vocal Playground with Joy

‘Singing and dancing have been an integral part of humans history clear across the world. Touching the ancient and the knowing that’s within, we support one another on a journey through movement, vocal expression, improvisation and song as we play with elements of trance and reclaim communal union