Yoga and AcroYoga Teacher, Healing Energy and Thai Masseuse

Jasmin is a passionate Yogini since 2008. Her teaching career started in Morocco in 2012 where she taught Yoga to surfers while living there for one month. She became a 200h RYT certified multi style yoga teacher during her 3,5 month stay in India in 2014. In between she taught two ongoing classes in Hamburg where she lived for 10 years. Jasmin is a life nomad and gipsy and lives on the road where ever she is since the end of 2013. She lived in India, Bali Australia and Mozambique and is currently calling Berlin her home.

She attended an AcroYoga Teacher Training in Bali and became a Level 1 certified AcroYoga Teacher to share what she loves about this beautiful practice. Being a Thai Masseuse came with the AcroYoga practice as it is part of the lunar/ healing energy of it. She liked the difference to other massage techniques, the way how you work with your own body weight and the fullness of touch and that not just with your hands.Her first basic Thai Massage Course finished Jasmin in Hamburg in 2012. At her second basic course in 2013 she was already assisting. Thai Massage is like the journey through life there ́s no end of learning.

Besides Thai Massage Jasmin also offers intuitive wellness/ healing massages. This form is based on listening with your intuition to give everybody exactly what they need in each moment. This type of massage is connected to her healing work.
Jasmin finds that life as a traveller brings her closer to that essence. Her healing work is as mentioned before based on her intuition and she uses Theta Healing as a tool to work with what was already there since she was a kid/ teenager and to acces that deep level of wisdom and knowing within. She became a certified Theta Healer in 2013 with completing a Basic DNA1 and Advanced Practicioner Course although her work and journey begun way earlier in life.