she fell in love with Kundalini Yoga in 2002, has been practicing it ever since and finally started teaching in 2012 after the teacher training in Germany (3HO). Neelam’ s classes are characterized by the force of polarity, of Yin and Yang, of silence, space and the focus on our true being. Lovingly but very determined she encourages her students to step over their boundaries full of joy, ease and care! True to the motto “It is not the external circumstances that determine your life, it´s the courage and the inner attitude with which you encounter them!”. In 2014 Neelam got the chance to do the Gongmaster training with Don Conreaux as Kundalini Yoga and Gong are a perfect combination.

Neelam teaches regularly in and around Regensburg. She has been teaching as a guest teacher in Mexico, India/Goa and teaches more and more on Festivals in Germany and Austria.Whenever possible, her husband David accompanies her classes intuitively with live music which is such a treat – dive deep and take off!