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Authentic Movement

with Katri Vega Luukkonen


Vega Portrait medium 


In authentic movement session we usually work in couples - the other part of the couple is moving/dancing/sounding, blindfolded. The other is witnessing the process of the mover. Movement is arising from person´s inner impulses, without any certain form, structure, idea or esthetics. Completely free form of expression of any inner stimuli, without any expectation. This allows people to explore psychological processes as they arise into kinesthetic responses of movement or sound. Mover is passively observed by a witness, who 'contains' the experience of the mover by witnessing their movements without judgement, projection or interpretation. In this way the witness is also an active participant, as witnessing is a practice in observing one's own sensations and impulses while observing the mover's. 

After agreed time - which can vary from 20 minutes to 60 minutes - couples come together for verbal sharing. After they change roles, and go for the second round of the process. There can be different variations of this practice - for example witnessing the whole group, or including contact (-improvisation) to the practice. And/or writing/painting/other expressions when sharing or continuing of the process. Also doing this practice in nature, gives it another sensations and flavours to taste.