In Touch

Moving from within

with Dolores Dewhurst-Marks 


We will open our cellular awareness to the body’s intuitive wisdom through touch, movement, visualisation and somatisation. Exploring on land and in water. Seeking harmony between body and mind by reconnecting to the elements in a collective experience.

We begin by tuning into the consciousness of the body; bringing awareness to our inner world on a cellular level. From here we deepen our relationship to the body’s subtle and complex movements. Embracing the wholeness of nature’s life cycle; breathing in and breathing out, expanding and condensing, being and doing.

Through touch, we facilitate each others explorations of evolutionary pathways. The basic developmental patterns that are the foundations for our movements in space. Taking these pathways into the water to feel how they support us to move effortlessly in all dimensions.

We rediscover the communication between our inner and the outer world through the embodiment of our fluids. We all have rivers and oceans flowing inside us, delivering nutrients, removing what no longer serves, transforming us into the space beyond. Dancing with this organic vitality on both land and in water. Opening spaces within our body for nature to flow freely through us.

Meeting the bones, full of life, active in the production of cells. We connect with each other bone to bone, discovering how the structure of bones and the skeleton supports spiral motions and momentum. 

Grounding in the water, we find heaven and earth through the axial plane. Playing with soft curiosity reaching and pulling patterns, adding waves and rhythms into our dance.

This workshop is an experiential journey to the essence of our being, from which meaningful expression of that unique being arises. A coming home to who we truly are.