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Frequently Asked Questions
If you have some question about the festival then please have a look through the list below before emailing us - there's a good chance that you'll find what you are looking for here.
The list is divided into three sections -
.    About Registration For The Festival
.    About Travelling To The Festival
.    About Being At The Festival
If you still need to get in touch then please use the contact form

Are there any discounts/reduced prices? any possibilities for work exchange?
We are working non profitable and through the fact that the food is served by a restaurant we dont need helpers.

Can I come for only part of the festival and pay less?
No. Sorry but there's only one price.

Do I need a VISA?
Yes. Make your travel arrangements on time. Indian empassy gives 12 month VISA and you are allowed to stay up to 6 month in the country starting on the day you arrive there.

Do I need to chose an intensive before the festival?

No not at the moment. But we might have to ask you shortly before the festival starts to make a decision according to the intensive courses.

Do I need to chose which classes I'll do before the festival?
No. You can choose anytime right up until the class begins. If too many people turn up to one class then the teacher may direct you to choose another class. To be absolutely sure to get into the class you want then arrive a few minutes early.

I organise a festival. If I let you come to mine for free then can I come to yours for free?
Lets talk about it, if its a balanced exchange.

I'm thinking of coming with my family - what do you think?
Nice idea. But there are no specially organised activities for children.
Where is Forgotten Land Beach Resort and how do I get there?
See these pages here. (the place)

My flight was late and I missed the bus connection?
There are Taxis at the airport.

Where can I stay during the festival?
You have to arrange accomodation & breakfast by yourself. Its not inclided in the price. Dont worry it is easy.
Best is you are coming minimum three days earlier and take your time to find a nice place close by.
Accommodation possibliities see these pages here. (the place)
I've not danced much/any contact improvisation before or WaterContact? Can I come?
Yes, the intensives and classes will be suitable for beginners as well. A festival can be a great place to begin dancing ci - classes and there will there be lots of people to dance with in jams and it's also a great opportunity to learn by watching.

Do I need to do everything that's on the schedule?
No. Take time to rest. If you did everything then you'd probably be exhausted by the
the end. We hope you leave with a refreshed and enlightend feeling.

Is there internet available? Can I check my email?
There is a bars and restaurants with wireless internet connection. If you know that you will need to access the internet then please bring your own laptop. Closeby are as well Internet cafes where they have computers.

Are there any shops nearby? Yes, there are many Shops and Restaurants in walking distance.

Do I need to bring a sleeping bag/bedding?
No, all the bedding is provided in the hut and room rentals. Sometime people prefer to bring their own sheet.

What languages are you using?
Our working language is english - we will share many languages among us so some translation can be improvised.

What will the weather be like? What should I bring to wear?
The festival occurs in perfect warm summer weather. About 25 to 30 degrees. No rain. Bring a pullover and a light jacket for the nights and you will be fine.