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Waterness Journey™


Waterness Journey,  invites you to the exploration of being One with the flow through the art of improvisation & dance in water.

In a warm water pool, we will reach a deeper somatic connection while moving in water with others, using the breath awareness and the properties of water, as main tools for the exploration.

The Waterness approach allows the water dancers to potentially shift from passive to active, spontaneously interacting with the element and their partners in play, following and engaging in each other’s movement & breath cycles.

During the 3hour workshop, we investigate flotation, submersion, suspension, resistance & flux into the currents of our bodies, as we joyfully share in group the dance that unfolds within the flow, the vortex and momentums water has to offer.



Sophie Costes (Instructor)

Móvil: +34.697.914.007

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