In Touch

Way of the Sufi

with Safira & Volker


                      Forest arts


We offer a sacred space wherein Magic, ritual and restorative reflection take centre-stage. Take a step between worlds, allowing our hearts to open, and magic to appear as we step into the mystic world of the Sufi.

1. Session 1 : HEALING

-Touching Home-

Undoing ourselves and remembering wholeness.

Am I whole and can I access it?

Accessing the wisdom of nature.

2. Session 2; FINDING

-Your Tree-

Enliven the mystical element, connecting with our self.

What is alive in very the depths of my heart?

We guide you to follow back into yourself the voice that allows you to be in contact with your own inner knowing, helping you to always be able to find the way to answer any questions you may have from your own divine source within.

3. Session 3; GROUNDING

– Voice of Truth-

Finding our voice inside, your place of knowing beyond knowledge.

How does my truth become alive and how do I best express it?

All is one- whole. What lives inside us, comes alive in the world. Owning all of our reality, we see the magic on the stage of life come alive.