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Body Therapy - Cranio Sacral Therapy

... the oceanic experience.

private sessions can be booked with Sandra Morrel, Ibiza Moving Arts

Everybody knows that our spine is the pillar of our health. But who knows about the fluid that runs from head (cranium) all the way down to the tailbone (sacrum) which is essential for the nourishment of our nervoussystem? Like our blood, this fluid is also pulsating, yet in a very subtle rhythm which can be perceived by trained hands. This is the Cranio-Sacral Pulse. Since our life depends on the functioning of our nervoussystem, the importance of an unobstructed flow goes without saying.

The gentle manipulations of Cranio Sacral Therapy (CST) remove the blockages in the membranes that contain this pulsating fluid and shift the bodyawareness into a spacious relaxed mode.

Somato Emotional Release is a related technique that frees the body of strong emotional charges and deep physical tentions.

CST cuts at the root of disbalance and illness because it restores the corrective mechanisms of the body itself. This makes sure that an ongoing healing process is taking place. That‘s why this new healing method is quickly gaining world wide attention.