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In Touch Journey Ibiza Sept 2016 Prices

To register you have to choose between different types of accomodations with different prices. Our program attractes participants in different ages, -live purposes and -financial possibilities. We enjoy this varity of people and believe it is a win-win situation for everyone. We choose this beautiful natural place with pool and tropial gardens and want to share the costs accordingly to our personal possiblities. Please register for one of the rooms if you have a regular income which allows you to pay this price.


Accomodation prices per person: All prices incl. food, classes, watsu pool watercontact session.

€ 840 in a single room with own bathroom and private roofterrace. Fully booked

€ 720 in a twin room with king size bed for couple with own bathroom and private roofterrace.  Fully booked

€ 720 in a double room (two single beds) with own bathroom and own terrace. on request available

€ 720 in a single room with shared bathroom (shower shared with three persons). Fully booked

€ 590 in a double room with shared bathroom (shower shared with three persons).  Fully booked

€ 490 in a double occupancy in Dome Tent, Balihouse. All with with real beds. Outdoor shower and compost toilet. Or studio on a matress & shared shower.

€ 390 in your own tent, outdoor shower and compost toilet. Fully booked

€ 340 no accomodation in the Center. Ask us for accommodation possibilities.

Additionally to that fee transportation costs  of € 70 per person.


Please use the emailaddress for general questions. The registration is valid with a deposit. After sending registration you will receive an email which will tell you the details of the deposit and you are obliged to send a deposit in order to take part in this festival. If you cancel before 1st of July 2016, we will keep the half, after 1st of July 2016 the whole deposit. If you cancel after 20. August 2016 you will be legally obliged to pay the whole festival fee, also in case of injury, illness, etc.. We recommend to make a travel cancellation insurance that will cover your costs in case of illness, injury, etc..

The participation in the festival happens at your own risk. The organizers and the teachers are not liable for any injuries or damages. Please note that if you have a history of any mental inbalance or medication  the festival setting can be intensive, and it is not a recommandable healing place in such cases. You are obliged let us know if you are suffering from any severe physical or mental health issues or if you are under medication.


Registration form for the In Touch Journey Ibiza Sept 2016

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