In Touch

Daniel Werner & Gabriele Neumann

Daniel Werner teaches CI since 1997, and loves to continuously discover new dimensions of this amazing dance form on stage, in teaching and in the jam. His teaching is nurtured by the passion to systematically understand and categorize the underlying principles in CI. He studied contemporary dance at the North Karelia College in Finland and enjoy to work internationally as a dancer, choreographer and teacher. Essential influences for his work also come from Body-Mind Centering, Release-Techniques and Asian Movement Arts.

Gabriele Neumann is dancing Contact Improvisation since 19 years. She is co-organizer of the ,,Contact-Meets-Contemporary Festival” Göttingen, Germany, and the Contact Improvisation Festival Fuerteventura. Gabriele works as a Physiotherapist and as a certified teacher for Tai Chi, Qigong , Tao Yin and Meditation since 15 years – freelance and in various institutions. With Daniel Werner she has been teaching, researching and collaborating in many international festivals and training programs.