In Touch

Are you with me?

with Marielle Gerke



Marielle small


To me one of the most satisfying things in a CI duet is when I feel that my partner is really there – giving weight to me, receiving weight from me or sharing an equal amount of weight with me. I think it is not only satisfying but also very useful and necessary to involve a sufficient amount of shared weight in a duet in order to be able to non-verbally communicate with my partner. Sensing the support of the floor through the body of my partner gives me a base for negotiating directions, level changes and lifts in a dance.

In this class I will introduce the idea of sharing weight equally – leaning - in either the shoulder girdle/heart area or the pelvis area as a base for communicating level changes in space. In this context we will also get to know rolling and sliding as basic tools for letting the point of contact travel around the body while we keep on sharing weight.

From this common base, we start to find ways to give or receive the full weight of our partners asking ourselves how to support and carry the weight of another body and let ourselves be supported and carried by someone else while we change levels.

We practice honest listening and working slowly. There will be solo explorations, partner exercises, time for dancing and verbal exchange.

All levels welcome.