In Touch

Every Body Knows

with Dafne Erdur




There is nothing new under the sun! And yet what is already there invites us to dive deeper into the layers of our presence; to seek a conscious yet liberated and sovereign place to dance from. Together we will be zooming into our physical, emotional & mental foundation. With the aid of more analytic anatomical images, metaphors and various artistic tools we will be working with our bodies. And discover relations between our feelings, thoughts, postures and movements towards diving into the puzzles of Contact Improvisation.

Building awareness of our perception system in action, gradually allowing habitual patterns to change, we will find our own resources for strength, flexibility and endurance. Principles from Experiential Anatomy, Developmental Movement, Authentic Movement and Expressive Art Therapies will be at our guidance to relate to our own unique self and reach out to dance with others.

Let's fly out together into an elevated flow, experiencing self-sufficient, self-satisfied and effortless bodies as we dance.