In Touch

In & out of touch & weight

with Jörg Hassmann


Jorg dance


Contact Improvisation - in & out of touch & weight

What do I need to feel in touch with my partner, this sense of 'we are together in this now'? When do I feel we are communicating through touch and not just touch each other because that's what we do in CI? Once we entered weight sharing situations, how do I regain more space again? Can we even let go of touch without ending the duet?

There are surprising and refreshingly awkward ways to re-connect, when we allow a bit of distance in a committed duet - and also very nice invitations for lifts. 

In this class I want to invite a wider scale of aliveness by adding more air and space into a CI dance. I wish that the nurturing depth we can find in committed CI duets  survives the moments of less weight and no touch.