In Touch

Janne Hanoun Ellenberger





For many years, Janne has been working as a healer for body, mind and soul, and as a facilitator for Nonviolent Communication, supporting individuals, couples, friends, organisations and groups in conflict. The core of her work is to support connection - to oneselve, each other, and the flow of life. She regularly facilitates groups in Palestine/Israel and Germany for people who are seeking healing for external and internal conflict. Influenced by various different spiritual traditions since she was a child - she always found singing to be a fundamental element  of reconnection with each other and our true self.

Singing Circle

Music is medicine. It re-connects us with community, with our true self, with the great mystery. It's not about „singing well", but about allowing body and soul to dive into vibration and let your self be moved and touched by silence and sound. While sitting in the sacred shape of a cirlce, we use simple, but deep words and tunes from different traditions, that everyone can join. Together we step into the flow of life.  What a great way to start the day! Come, come, whoever you are...