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Sophia Frick


 Sophia KLein

I´m Sophia (29), born in Koblenz. Since my childhood, I love to move, to climb and to dance. Many years I´ve been a member of a youth Circus, where I learned partneracrobatics, juggling, monocycling and much more. I studied music and dance pedagogy (Elementare Musik- und Tanzpädagogik) at the Carl-Orff-Institut- Mozarteum in Salzburg. In this time I discovered Contact Improvisation. My experiences from acrobatics helped me to get easily into Contact dance. I also love to make music, to improvise with my flute, play the guitar and sing. I am working in the Kids and Youth Circus Rambazotti in Kassel. There I teaching  circus skills to kids and adults. I organice the circus school, holidays project weeks and I choreograph circus shows. And I do my own performance- projects, a combination of dance, acrobatics and live music.