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Sophie Costes



Sophie Costes trained as an Ayurvedic therapist, practices and leads courses in Europe, Japan and India, where she lived until 2011. During this time, she trained and became a Watsu® and WaterDance® practitioner, following her passion for conscious and therapeutic touch on land and in warm water.

Sophie was giving many sessions for years at WatsuGoa® before coming to WatsuIbiza®.

For the last three years, she has given workshops of 'ContactDance' in water at International dance festivals.

Out of all these experiences, she decided to create Waterness Journey, a water modality which combines somatic practices, body mechanics & free movement synchronising with breath work - leading to a rich and interactive communication between water partners.

The practice of meditation and dance movement contributes significantly to her therapeutic aquatic approach. Important aspects of her training are intuition and improvisation, which work well with technique to benefit deep release and nurture.

Sophie Costes (Instructor)

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