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Viola Einsiedel

She plays the Violin, viola and  nickelharpe and she will inspire the people with percussion instruments, recorder and her own voice.
Her instrumental improvisation is created through inner personal dance, the visible and invisible impulse in the dancing space, the people, which are offering their personal universe with open minds and hearts, dancing bodies and their spirit and a invisible, divine energy which is playing a certain role in all of it.
She learned playing the violin as a child, trained with classical music in orchestras and stringquartett. She began to improvise with her instrument while travelling in Chile, Bolivia and Peru 1992. Her melodic expression and improvisation roots are inspired by music and musicians from  india, iran, irland, marocco, peru, and Mongolia.
Two journeys to India (2001,2006) gave her the inspiration to follow her indian soul and she started to learn bharatanatyam and she  played together with indian classical musicians.
Viola is a dancer, too. Her dance is based on Capoeira, Contact improvisation, Yoga, body mind- centering, tai-chi, bharatanatyam