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Sailboat trip

High Life and Deep Flow with Tanja Siebenstern

Join for one day the call of the ocean! Leaving the harbor of Ibiza in the morning on a bonny sailing yard. The sun in your face, wind caresses softly your skin, sweet vibes from the sound system, around you only the wide ocean, the sky and a small group of curious Dancers exited to try something new.

 After arriving at one of the hidden beaches of Formentera we will have a little introduction into Aguahara and experience floating somebody as well as being held and moved in the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean sea. Followed by a vegetarian and light lunch paired with a sweet little siesta, because we do respect the beautiful Spanish traditions :)

In the afternoon we will experience the water as an dance floor. Starting on land we will find our dance into the ocean to unite our dance with the dance of others and the flow of the ocean. The day ends with an amazing sunset cruise toward Ibiza!

Prices and dates will be announced soon. If you are interested to join this additional event please write a note in your registration.