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Class - Chris Lechner und Volker Eschmann

The Lost Elements

A body journey spiralling unrevealing in search of the developmental and evolutionary stuff we are made of.

Earth and water kindling the fire of sensual, bloodful existence.

Meeting the drama of the ocean with softness.

Meeting the force of the elements with sensitivity.

A dance space that nourishes a deeper, wilder territory within us.

Practising sensitive presence, reclaiming a long lost space within the heart of the matter.

A journey towards origins in the ocean spinning into anti- gravity, a larger space.

And a return to land, the beginning of our dance.

Contact Improvisation is the rich soil in which we integrate our experience finding each other beyond labels in a moving experience.

A celebration!

Through the vital clues that Body Mind Centering provides us we negotiate an entry into the oceanic a return to a place where we are releaved of gravity, we are held by 800 times more density, moved by the great body of the sea.

Gradually we cross the treshold of land into water and progress further into the sea while developing and remembering the language of our water body, our fluid pulses deeper into the water and then experiencing the re-emergence on to land. Earth waiting for us receiving us and giving us the possiblitiy to dance a long forgotten dance, the dance of the lost elements.