In Touch


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Class - Yanael Plumet

Dancing with Yin and Yang

Polar and seemingly contrary forces, Yin and Yang are interconnected and interdependent in the natural world and give rise to weach other in turn. 

Bound together as parts of a mutual whole, Yin and Yang transform each other like an undertow in the ocean, Every advance is completed by a retreat and every rise transforms into a fall. 

Yin and Yang arise together from an intial quiescence and continue moving in tandem until quiesence is reached again. 

These words as an invitation to dance and be danced. An invitation to be in touch with our primal flow of engergy and play with the different forces and qualities suggested by Yin and Yang. A possibility to drop the roles insinuated by gender to access the deep polarity underlying all our drives to move an relate, allowing motion to rise from the tension between the opposites. An invitation to voyage through a spiral of cycles, seeking the integration of oneness in the complex multitude of forces in play.