In Touch

Breathing up


with Nadja El Eid & Bernd Kampe


NAdja Bernd Dance


We all are excited by the sense of flying, the „no-feet-on-floor-feeling", and we know about the pleasure of an airy „up-and-down-dance" we can create. We do not need a muscular, trained or sportive body – but a clear understanding of what happens while we are giving and taking weight. It ́s a lot about listening, coordination and cooperation. And finally about life itself....

In this little workshop we will discover the essential principles
of the „breathing UP"
(so NSS talks about lift-technique...)
for sliding, jumps, and lifts. We learn to read or send clear signals, beeing ready to offer or take a lift....

Bernd Knappe and Nadja El Eid ...are especially interested in the question, how people without a specialised dance background, body-training and knowledge can find an easy, effortless and playful way into physical improvisation as an arts form.

They support and initiate integrative dance projects and cooperate with "DanceAbilityInternational".