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Liquid Gravity Session

with Daniel Werner

Watermotion and Developmental Patterns

The warm and soft support of the water invites a surrendering into pure physical sensation and into a state of being where movement and touch were/are tenderly facilitating the first experiences of living in a human body.
When floating in water the body remembers early movement patterns and qualitys, which underlie our highly complex movement potential. Playing with elements of Body-Mind Centering and the developmental movement patterns we find a deeply physical acces to motion.
 From this safe and nourishing place inside of us we will allow the body to reach out into the world around and unfold its curiosity and playfulness into dancing Contact in water, discovering new and dimensions and options in movement organisation.

This water afternoon will be a laboratory, there will be no teaching in the pool. 

But the session will be prepared in the studio, and from our experience it is a deep experiential journey!

Extra costs for you: 24,50 for 4h, plus public transport in Berlin.