In Touch

Tanja & Gianni


Tanja  Gianni


We believe in love and create food with love to bring it through your belly into your body-mind and soul!

Take 65kg of fiery italian male and combine it with 49kg gentle german female. Add it with 100% pure love and fresh selected  organic veggies. Mix it well with the inspiration of world-wide travel and lots of fantasy. The outcome is a delicious, healthy and well equilibrated Festival catering that offers yummy vegetarian food with vegan and gluten free choices :)

Gianni and Tanja globetrotte together since many years. They create beautiful events such as Liquid Flow Festival, Liquid Dance and Aguahara Trainings. They love to organize, teach Aguahara as well as Water CI and cook.

They are very happy to have In Touch Berlin as the first event with their little boy Tao.