In Touch

Lightness and Fullness

lightness & fullness

This intensve will look at the technical side of contact improvsation, while keeping a sense of improvisation alive. The lense we'll look through is the felt sense of lightness, wondering how that is connected to a juicy fullness.

I find it incredibly satisfying, when a sense of spaciousness and lightness stays alive in a committed CI duet and at the same time the fullness of the bodies, hearts and minds can be wholly present. For that a good sense of grounding is essential, reading the support - the floor, myself and the partner - and how much I can trust it. I want to share thoughts, techniques and some of my personal strategies how to invite lightness into the dance without getting flirry. 

I am curios how to encourage a state of mind, which enables us to experience lightness that doesn't get limited to the physical reality of it.