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Daniel Werner: Somatics into CI-Technique


We will explore and enjoy the interaction of Organs, Fascia and deep abdomial muscles and invite the juicy power of the "center" to support the spine in its mobility and vitality.Playing with developmental movement patterns we help the body to re-connect to deep sources of life energy. Fascial elasticity and smotheness facilitate effortlessness and joy in movement and being.

On this wonderful somatic base we will play with so called pathways to learn and deepen CI movement material, and to experience and understand the underlying principles (the tecnical and systematic approach of this seminar is based on the Contact Improvisation Training Berlin

With different scores we will create spaces and atmospheres where playfulness, technique and improvisation can flow into a multidimensional experience of this wonderful dance form.


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Daniel Werner

is a dedicated researcher and teacher for Somatics, Consciousness Development and Dance, and is teaching Contact Improvisation for more than 20 years. He studied Contemporary Dance at the North Karelia College in Finnland. His movement, being and teaching is deeply inspired by Body-Mind Centering, Asian Movement Arts, Fascia Research, Somatic Experiencing & Narm. For 15 years he lived in a community project together with his wife Gabriele and their two children, and now they are homebased in the countryside of central Germany. Daniel has (co-)initiated many inspirational projects like:,