In Touch

Filippo Serra


Spongy Bouncy Human



What is the quality of our being creature made of matter?

Sometimes we perceive us as solids, sometimes we work with a liquid quality.

Often we try to move as a fascial net.

So many possibilities to play with!

In this class, I’d like to explore the counter polarity of compression and expansion both in the body and in the space, as a continuous and repetitive fractal.

We can compress and expand a cell, a tissue, a body, a couple, a group, a dance floor in this constant breath of life.

What to expect? A slow tempo relaxing and meditative class that will pass from an interactive bodywork to a dance.

Recharge yourself and discover a new, subtle engine to initiate our movement, alone or with someone else.

Filippo Serra

I like to define myself as a curious “mover”.

I started studying martial arts when I was 17 years old.

After graduating in physical education I began my studies in theatre and contemporary dance and I ended working on stage beside teaching movement to different kind of people.

At the time I especially dedicated to a one to one rehabilitation work of elder people.

Now a day I mainly teach the Axis Syllabus and martial art related material.

I'm a versatile performer who likes to mix knowledge from different disciplines of movement.

Science and traditions are constantly crisscrossing in what I teach and how I move.

My masters and teachers are coming from different fields...Martial Arts, Mysticism, Science, Sport, Contemporary dance.