In Touch

Riccardo Meneghini

A PLAY of Perceptions

In the class we will wake up the body, the senses, using the breath as a vehicle. I will invite you to use your voice, your soundscape, to embody our perceptions, through simple exercises, in a solo dance or  interacting with others.

I am particurarly interested in bringing out theatricality/drama/ the play state of each partecipants, anabling each person to be fully present in their bodies, their intentions, opening up space for conversation to happen, for the drama to unroll.  Being ourselves the protagonist of our own lives, the dance we share with others.



Riccardo Meneghini was born in Italy,  he graduated from I.S.E.F. (University of Verona) Diploma in Physical Education and in 2001 he attended the "Accademia Isola Danza of the Venice Biennale" under the artistic direction of Carolyn Carlson. Riccardo joins "Transitions" at the Laban Center in London (2001/2002), obtaining a diploma in Performance with merit; He has worked with choreographers such as: Carolyn Carlson, Russell Maliphant, Rui Horta, Didi Veldman, Janet Smith, Liv Lorent, Malou Airaudo and with companies such as the Scottish Dance Theater, research project with DV8 Physical Theater, Company Chameleon, CCN Robuaix, Arearea , Turin Ballet Theater;

Doing shows in prestigious theaters such as: Bolshoi Theater (moscow), Sadlers Wells (London), national Theater de Chaillot (Paris), developing their own vision of the movement by inserting it in their own choreography, in which originality is sought after, revealing the authenticity of every individual involved, he works as a freelancer performer and teacher.

Riccardo has been collaborating with Carolyn Carlson Company for 11 years, at the moment he is involved in shows of some of the company's performances such as: "Crossroads to Synchronicity", "NOW", and a new solo "The Seventh Man".