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Arrival Information


Dear participant of the New Years Festival Berlin

We are happy to invite you to dance, celebrate and share with us in the sunny and warm studios of TU Sportzentrum Berlin. The festival is happening again and many wonderful beings, dancers, musicians and teachers from different countries confirmed their participation.

Please check our website for new information. Changes are communicated by mail and will be posted there! If you want to share information, looking for a ride or communicate about a place to stay you can use the facebook event


Please read the following information carefully :

Adress: TU Sportzentrum, Dovestrasse 6, Metro: U2 Ernst Reuter Platz, Bus: "Helmholzstrasse" Nr. 101,245

Accomodation: In the studios is enough space  for all participants to sleep with their own mats and sleepingbags. There are aikido mats available, bring something softer if you need.

Registration:  30th of December between 16.00-18.00 in TU Sportzentrum, Dovestrasse 6. Please bring the rest of the festival fee in cash.

Waterclass If you want to join the Liquid Gravity waterclass  bring another € 30.- for the pool entrance and public transport.

Important things to bring:

 dishes and cutlery( plate, bowl, cup,knife, fork, spoon)

- a bottle from unbreakable material (no glas)

- sleeping bag,

- mattress (there are judomatts in the sleeping spaces)

- bring a sheet to cover your judomatt!

- shoes for inside (no street shoes allowed in the whole building)

Participants going to the warm water please bring:


Bathing suite, Bikini etc.


big towel