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Alice Rose(Denmark/Germany) is a singer-songwriter and instant composer, who's been working with theatre and pop music since she was a young girl. Playing and performing was her first passion and she started out an actress working mainly in physical and experimental theatre, but got more and more into music, composing, writing and improvising - and now she has found herself enjoying making improvised music for Contact Improvisation. In the past year Alice has played music at various CI dance festivals in Berlin, Barcelona and Goa, to name a few, and combines vocals, viola and loop station, in a very intuitive matter, weaving patterns and landscapes that suggests and encourages movement, without dictating. She likes to work closely with the teachers and creating a unique space to explore movement.. Alice will occasionally weave one of her composed songs into the dance , but most of the magic happens in the moment, in close relationships with the space and the movers.

Classes will be in collaboration with the dance teachers and will be supporting your inner(and outer) journey of exploration.

Alice is currently a traveling musician, based in Berlin, she is a melodic techno DJ with the moniker Tiger Rose, she is a songwriter and last summer she spend most of her days as a avant-garde street musician on the streets of Amsterdam, with her SILENT CONCERTS, with her loop station and 4 sets of headphones for the audiences to listen. She is run by curiosity, and someone who likes to explore! Sound, music and movement, in nature and the city, as well as in the dance studio. She is a musician, mother and a extravagant hippie artist -looking forward to be creating with you!