In Touch

Geneviève Cron

Geneviève Cron was practicing dance, acrobatics and improvisation when she discovered contact improvisation in the 90s ... she found it interesting but too intimate. She came back to this practice in 2003. Studying it hard with more than 30 teachers, and practicing passionately and joyfully, she began to teach in 2010, as a way to learn more. Since then, she is teaching regularly in Paris and abroad.
Among other events, she launched the concept of bilateral exchanges events in 2013 (Paris invites London, ... Bruxelles).
Taking inputs from tango to martial arts, she is doing personal and collective research about ranges of collaboration, opposition and resistance.
In her pedagogy she creates settings that help to awaken non-preconceived discoveries. And that try to promote freedom of movement, safety, and to widen the option of responses to stimuli.
As a dance and movement therapist, she uses contact improvisation exercises among other practices (nonviolent communication, forum theatre) to question relational body intelligences.