In Touch

Katja-Bahini Mangold


As an adolescent I was fascinated by the transformative and regenerative force which I experienced while dancing on my own. Searching for ways of expression and self-exploration I made experiences with different kinds of dance practices and performance situations since then.
I was deeply touched by a 5-month long encounter with the Indian Ocean in 2008. The pure renewable force of the water in which I plunged allowed me to deeply and trustfully unwind and connect with the fluids in and around me. Sensing the subtle inner dance became more and more essential to me.

Allowing the elemental forces in life to teach me by surrendering and connecting to them became part of my practice.
Since 2012 I have been co-organising the Witzenhausen Contact Jam and since 2013 teach a weekly dance class there. From 2014 to 2016 I have been assisting Jörg Hassmann and Daniel Werner in their „Basic Training Program“. Since then I taught Contact Improvisation in diverse contexts, such as for communities, farmers and women groups, as well as on festivals. In Contact Improvisation I love to experience being present in the moment, fully trusting and challenging my senses and reflexes as well as relating authentically to others and exploring my own diversity and mutability.

Recently I am deepening my understanding of the functionality of the human body in motion inspired by the Axis Syllabus Network and Kinaesthetics. Furthermore I am organizing dance formats with live music and movement retreats in nature.

My work is inspired by my study time with Wal Mayans (anthropological theatre, Hara Theatro, Paraguay), Imre Thormann, Tadashi Endo and Anahi Chamorro (Butoh), Emily Conrad (Continuum Movement), Frey Faust, Kira Kirsch and Antoine Ragot (Axis Syllabus), Jörg Hassmann and Daniel Werner as well as my co-teaching time with Marielle Gerke.






Katja Bahini´s class offer for the New Years Festival:

Tone modulation and communication through touch

In this class we will focus on tone modulation and communication through touch.

Inspired by the developmental movement patterns we will explore the effects of the yield-push-reach sequence on our body tone and spend some time on physical awakening and activation of our center region through elastic resistance.

We will practice leading and following our partners by a state of listening and perceiving the pull on our connective tissue layers under the skin.

After phases of solo & partner explorations we will bring the experienced qualities into practice in exemplary pathways and phases of focused dance improvisation.

Verbal exchange and a slowed down approach will help us to build trust and comfort ourselves and each other. Coming from there we will build up some juicy dances, I am shure...

Looking forward to meet You and share the dance!