In Touch

Maria Rutanen: Morning Practise


The vinyasa yoga class emphasises the breath which gives rhythm for the movement and leads it into the flow of sequences. Through the fluctuation of stillness and movement, lengthening and closing, softening and strengthening, we align ourselves between sky and earth. 

It’s a smooth way to begin the day within oneself before entering to dance with others




is a Finnish-born, Berlin-based dancer, performer and choreographer. She teaches yoga and movement and realises her own choreographic projects, mainly in collaboration with other artists and musicians. She studied dance pedagogy, performance and dance in Finland and Germany having a focus in somatic movement, contact improvisation and instant composition. Currently she is finishing her Master in Choreography at HZT Berlin. Since 2003 she has practised different styles of yoga and ended up to teach vinyasa flow yoga inspired by somatic and embodied approach, where the starting point is to listen one’s own body. In Berlin she teaches to people with different ages and abilities and hopes to share an experience of how by listening and sensing the body we can be here right now.