In Touch

Nadja El Eid


Nadja El Eid dance


dance has inspired and accompany me in my life in many ways -
2011 I discovered the love for contact improvisation as a spacious research space.
The motivation and joy of teaching CI is to transfer the experience of dance as a resource accessible to all.
Inspired by my advanced therapeutic training as a Hakomi therapist
I'm interested in the overlapping sphere of dance, art and life practice.
I like to research how we reconnect mind and body -
to find more choices and self-determination beyond automatisms-
Allowing us to be instead of having to become all the time...................whatever this is for us.


Nadja´s class offer for the new years festival:

zooming in out over

How do we move in (JAM) space ?
What composes the moment?
On the trail of ourselves we can slow down, 
become more conscious of different qualities and states.
It's about discovering leeway, the familiar and the possible,
in the dance of realities.

Perhaps we find in the small big,
in the big small, stability in permeability ......

I invite you to experiment with open and closed eyes, to direct perception,
to change perspectives, to read the space, the bodies, as landscapes for a playful dance.

What happens if we follow curiosity, entrust ourselves to not knowing yet, 
give honour to our quickly ordering mind, but less priority? 

Perhaps the dance, the improvisation, begins where we don't expect it?