In Touch

Tal Shibi


Tal has found his “movement home” in the ongoing living play and art form which is the practice of Contact Improvisation. He views it as a tool for creative living and satisfying human interactions. He is fascinated with the infinite possibilities of the body becoming an expressive medium. Tal enjoys sharing his passion for movement and dance through the practice of CI as well movement improvisation for various performance projects. He has been teaching for the past 8 years including workshops and classes held in Israel, Greece, Germany, Thailand, Budapest, Norway and the U.S. Tal is a Shiatsu and Watsu (body-work in the water) therapist, and is a graduate of the Movement department (with an emphasis on choreography) at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance.

more info on teaching and works: 


CI Fun-damentals

In this Class we will create terminology which will shine a light on some useful tools used in the movement language of CI. Using these tools we will practice simple and satisfying ways to have engaging, interesting, and dynamic dancing.

here are some of the elements we will work with:

* better understanding of how to engage our mass and weight with our partner in a way that can keep on traveling.

* gaining sensitivity with different qualities of touch.

* practicing our own creative interest through exploring what solo dancing can mean for us.